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Our Mission

private foundation – artists from gugging

The Private Foundation – Artists from Gugging was founded in 2003 by the legal representatives of the Artists from Gugging and the Association gugging friends, formerly known as Association – Friends of the House of Artists in Gugging, with the support of the State Government of Lower Austria. The foundation’s goal is to develop a large collection of important works by the Artists from Gugging as well as "Art Brut" in general.


The works in the foundation’s collection are made permanently available to the museum gugging and are presented in temporary exhibitions. In addition, in collaboration with the Department for External Presentations of the gugging friends, works from the foundation’s collection are loaned internationally to other museums and presented in travelling exhibitions.

All officers of the Private Foundation – Artists from Gugging serve as volunteers and work without payment. If the Private Foundation – Artists from Gugging were ever to be dissolved, all of its assets would be transferred to the State of Lower Austria.


executive board

Prof. Dr.

Helmut ZAMBO




assistant chairman

Prof. Dr.


assistant chairman

advisory board


RA Dr. Franz BURGEMEISTER (Trustee of the Gugging Artists)


Further Council Members

Mag. DDr. Harald SCHWARZ (Association - Friends of the Gugging House of Artists)

Christoph-Ulrich REITER-HAVLICEK, MSc. (Government Lower Austria, Building Management)

Mag. Hermann DIKOWITSCH (Government Lower Austria, Culture)

Mag. Martin WANCATA (Government Lower Austria, Social Issues)

We cordially invite you to make your artworks available to a wider audience by donating or bequeathing them (or other assets that can be used to expand the collection) to the Private Foundation – Artists from Gugging and to thus make them available to a larger audience.