The Private Foundation – Gugging Artists was founded in 2003 by the legal representatives of the Artists from Gugging and the Association – Friends of the Gugging House of Artistswith the support of the State Government of Lower Austria. The foundation’s goal is to develop a large collection of important works by the Artists from Gugging as well as "Art Brut" in general.


The donors of the works in the foundation’s collection include artists from Gugging and the Association – Friends of the House of Artists as well as the State of Lower Austria, through its one-time donation, which made a fixed sum of money available to the association for this purpose.


Private donors, including artists and collectors, have enriched the collection’s holdings through their works from the very beginning and continue to do so.


Since the establishment of the foundation, numerous exhibitions have been carried out, and these have enhanced the popularity of and general recognition for art from Gugging. International presentations are continually being planned or realized.